Like a smoky bourbon saved for a special occasion, The Relicks consist of two vintage musicians savoring some of the tastiest tunes of the past 60 years. What began as two Stony Brook University rock and roll veterans jamming after work solidified into the distillation of keyboard and vocal virtuosity of Roland Diehl with the acoustic guitar and vocal fermentations of Glenn Jochum to form a 100 proof potent blend of blues, rock, R & B, pop, country, rockabilly, reggae and folk, aged to perfection. What you’ll get during a typical Relicks concert is everything from the primitive soul of The Coasters to the blues of contemporary hit-maker John Mayer. Since forming in 2013, the Relicks have gained new fans from the campus of Stony Brook University to the wineries, farm stands and restaurants of Eastern Long Island.
Call Glenn at (631) 599-0696.


photo of glenn's bands Earthtones

Since forming in 2004, the Earthtones (Rick Hall and Glenn Jochum) have averaged 50 performances a year, placing them solidly among the North Fork’s busiest and most sought-after duos. Featuring a distinctive blend of vocals and guitars, the twosome — whose name derives from their love for nature and acoustic music — stoke your memories by revisiting the classics. From Neil Young to the Zac Brown Band, the Grateful Dead to Old Crowe Medicine Show, and the Decembrists to The Beatles, the Earthtones unearth pop’s treasures with reverence and passion, making them a must-have for your next party or event. For more information, call Glenn at (631) 599-0696.