ON THE BEACH (1999) The core of this East End rock-lite outfit singer-songwriter-bandleader Glenn Jochum, guitarist Jody Brown, drummer Jeff Raine and bassist Steve Sacher has assembled an enjoyable and often pointed collection of observations. The playing is exceptional, especially Brown's careful picking and guest keyboardist Tru's embellishments. Also effective is Jochum's timbre...

Jochum's songs, of course, are the real gems here. The record's title track is simply beautiful, while "Suburban Cowgirl" examines the "better way of life" some of us have been sucked into" "She's just a child of the well-trimmed lawn... a real suburban nightmare." Check it out. Kevin Amorim, NightBeat, Newsday.

Middle of the road, light rock with rich tones and intelligible lyrics would be the best description for the type of music this is. On the Beach is a long CD, a little over an hour—and the fourteen tracks are really well-constructed songs ... Some of the songs that stand out are "Preacher," "You Could Have Called," "On the Beach," and "Ghost Dancer." These players are all accomplished musicians. If you're looking for some real good songs and examples of how original music can sound turn to On the Beach. John McGee, Albumination, The L.I.E.

If there is one theme threading each song on the recently released 14-track On the Beach, it is Jochum's poetic recalling of his early life on Long Island, the woods, lakes, and streams before the asphalt was laid and the strip malls constructed. His early life was spent in Hicksville, when most of the community was still potato fields ... most of his music, he contends, is about the pejorative effect the island's shrinking natural landscape has on him. Alexander Corey, The Long Islander

Jochum's husky voice and guitarist Jody Brown's jazz-like play spurred audience members to start dancing and singing along with the music. Frank Costanza, Long Island Advance (from a review at the Chowder House in Bellport)

"This collection is rife with images of Americana that always point toward home, where a sense of loss stems from the malaise of an indifferent TV generation ("I Do Nothing") that sits idly by while Wall Street dollars pave their way eastward at a threatening pace. Maureen Tuthill, Traveler Watchman

NASTY WEATHER (1993) Nasty Weather is a 15-track CD that captures the essence of the spiritual world. Glenn Jochum is a man who has a passion for life, love, and music ... his verses are poetic and delivered in almost biblical hymns. In the songs, "Call of the Wild" and "Meadow of Light," it is almost as if he is preaching to us about the welfare of the world. Dana Ensalata, Demolition, Good Times Magazine

A mainstay of the music scene on the east end of Long Island for more than a decade, Glenn Jochum performs earnest folk-based music that recalls Gordon Lightfoot in style and sound and Bruce Cockburn in substance. His tunes are frequently stirring and while it's unlikely Jochum will convince Karl Rove to trade in his Brooks Brothers suit for hemp ponchos and recycled rubber sandals, those attuned to his message will surely find ample inspiration in Nasty Weather.-Jim Santo, Demo Universe

Jimmy Buffett fans take heed: Quite a bit of Mattituck resident and veteran musician Glenn Jochum's newest release has a mood quite similar to that of the major label "Margaritaville" singer/songwriter. How can one not help but get that feeling upon hearing the first strains of album opener, "It Takes Two to Eat Mangoes"? As he's displayed on earlier releases, however, Jochum as a songwriter and performer is deeper and more introspective than ... Buffett could ever hope to be."-Syl Nathan, Demolition, Good Times Magazine