2017 Schedule *

Friday, September 1—Mattituck Love Lane—6-9—Earthtones
Saturday, September 2—Sound Bistro, Riverhead, 3-6—Winosaurs
Sunday, September 3—Harbes Farm, Mattituck, 12-4 pm—Winosaurs
Sunday, September 10—Clovis Point, Laurel, 1:30-5:30—Earthtones
Friday, September 15—Woods at Cherry Creek, Riverhead 6-9—Relicks
Saturday, September 16—Harbes, 12-4—Winosaurs
Saturday, September 23—Harbes, 12-4—Earthtones
Sunday, September 24—Harbes, 12-4—Earthtones
Saturday, September 30—LI Vodka, Baiting Hollow, 2-6—Earthtones

Friday, October 6—Woods at Cherry Creek, 6-9—Relicks
Friday, October 13—Woods at Cherry Creek, 7-9—Earthtones
Saturday, October 14—Clovis Point,1:30-5:30—Earthtones
Sunday, October 15—Laurel Lake, 12-4—Earthtones
Friday, October 20—Woods at Cherry Creek, 6-9—Winosaurs
Saturday, October 21—LI Vodka, 2-6—Earthtones
Friday, October 27—Woods at Cherry Creek, 6-9—Earthtones

*Always check with the venue on the day of the event due to possible cancellation